We Clean Air Ducts

Did you know that your home air ducts are contaminated with years of buildup caused by movement of air and dust through your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System in your Home?

Let us Inspect your Air Ducts with our Camera to find hidden MOLD

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Welcome to Air Duct DAY

Our Company was formed to provide Air Duct Cleaning Services to the Houston and surrounding Areas




Our goal is to leave your home with fresh air circulating through out your Air Ducts. We believe that having fresh breathable air is of most vital importance to your long term health.

People with ASTHMA frequently contact us to check their air ducts. We use state of the art equipment to inspect your air ducts with high quality camera gear. We then let you see inside of your air ducts, so that you understand if they are dirty or not. Usually if we are contacted , chances are that your house has dirty air ducts. Pets, air circulation, dander, etc, build up over time and cause problems.

Let us Inspect your home for issues.

About Us

Our Company has many years of Air Duct Cleaning Experience. We make sure that our technicians are trained and understand how to clean air ducts properly. We are an honest group with the customer number one in mind.

Our vans come with all the standard air duct cleaning equipment needed, and we hand inspect all your vents for black dust and mold buildup. We can remove them all and pressure wash them if necessary.

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Our Services

We provide 3 majors services that deal with Air Circulation in your HOME

Air Duct Cleaning

We keep your Air Ducts cleaned on a yearly basis so that you can breathe easy at night. Changing your filter just isn't good enough to keep those vents dust free.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

If your dryer is taking longer for the clothes to dry, chances are the dryer vent is clogged. We highly recommend getting this cleaned out once a year, depending on dryer usage.

Chimney Sweep

Let us inspect your chimney for leaks, and remove all soot and dust buildup from previous use. We use cameras to inspect then clean so it smells like new, extending the life of your chimney..


I can breathe again! Thanks to Air Duct Day, I'm reminded once a year to get my air ducts cleaned! What's your Air Duct Day?

Samantha Smith Sales Executive

We recently moved to Houston and found a tight housing market, so we decided to buy an older home. Luckily a camera inspection found mold in the vents and these guys cleaned everything to like new!!

Gregory Wilson Accountant

My clothes dryer was taking forever to dry clothes, I finally called Air Duct Day, and they came out with a special tool, and removed a "ton" of built of lint and dust from the dryer hose. Highly recommend these guys!

Robin Tunny Assistant Manager